EP 80 B-E poured-in-place concrete protection barriers

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The poured-in-place concrete protection barriers along motorways prevent vehicles from breaking through the central reservation or driving off the road. Like metal crash barriers, they are governed by a standard classifying them in three categories (A, B, C) depending on their ability to absorb the shock of a collision. Recent changes in German and European regulations require that these barriers, hitherto classified in category C (the least stringent), must now comply with the criteria for category B.

Developed by exploiting the results of numerous collision tests, the EP 80 B-E barrier complies with the requirements of the standard and has been patented. The combination of the two partners’ know-how also enabled development of a new concept for repairing the barriers after a collision and eliminating all the weak points of previous systems. For the company, which has taken a lead over rivals with this new product, income from sales will be supplemented by income from licensing agreements.

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