Eurovia’s partnership with the Museum national d’histoire naturelle

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Whether at their own initiative or prompted by regulatory requirements and societal expectations, companies are increasingly focusing on the impact of their activity on the environment. Preservation of biodiversity is an issue that a company like Eurovia must take on board, particularly in connection with managing quarries. The company formulated a set of voluntary engagements in favour of biodiversity, which was validated by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development in October 2012.

This partnership has placed the Eurovia initiative on a solid, scientific and non-partisan basis that is appreciated by stakeholders and highly complementary with local partnerships developed on Eurovia sites with environmental non-profit groups. The MNHN designed a specific methodology for assessing the ecological potential of the Eurovia sites, based on analysis of their environmental zoning and fauna/flora characteristics. It also developed an ecological quality indicator that will facilitate assessing the company’s actions and management methods.

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