Mobile unit for treating waste from high-pressure water jetting

Watch the movie of this innovation.

Bear Scotland carries out gully cleaning operations over almost half of the Scottish A road network; rainwater must be able to run freely from the carriageway surface into the main drainage collectors. The high-pressure jetting technique used by the company has drawbacks since it has to recover the waste (sludge and water) and transport it over long distances to treatment plants.

This new method, combined with a more efficient approach to fleet and work management (two hydro-cleaning trucks working 24/7) has improved the teams’ productivity by around 33% and reduced the volume of waste to be managed by 72%. All in all, waste disposal costs have been reduced by over 80% and the investment in the new equipment was amortised over the first year of operation. The gully cleaning operation is also better prepared to respond to evolving waste management legislation.

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