Paving stone lifting tool

Watch the movie of this innovation.

As part of an urban development worksite in Maidstone High Street, Kent, in 2012 Eurovia team had to lay around 2,500 sq. m. of granite paving stones and associated stonework. These very heavy paving stones were difficult to handle and lay accurately with a single hand, which meant workers were forced to change position continually during the laying process, making the task longer and more difficult.

Thanks to the position of the handle, above the jaws, and the precision of the gripping system, the worker can grasp the paving stone with one hand and position it in a single movement with the desired accuracy of 10-mm spacing. Since being brought into use, it has allowed paving stone layers to work three times faster. It can be fitted with a long shaft and handles to allow two workers to lift very large stones.

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