Pendulum for checking the height of skips

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Although Eurovia doeshave a procedure to ensure safeclearance of overhead powerlines when using dumper trucks,accidents with potentially dramaticconsequences can still occuron worksites: contact with overheadpower lines, communicationnetworks, gantries or engineeringstructure decks. These accidentsoccur because of the difficultyof accurately judging the heightof the top of the skip duringmanoeuvres.

By correlating the pendulum indications and the reading from a laser distance meter (height of overhead lines or any other obstacle), the traffic controller can easily and safely guide the movements of the dumper truck. This benefit was observed on all worksites where the device has been used (11 of the company’s trucks were fitted with it). The fact that the device is permanently fixed to the skip is also a useful reminder of electrical risk for all personnel.

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