Recycling a semitrailer skip as a fish ladder

Watch the movie of this innovation.

Mining of alluvial deposits and upkeep of streams in mountainous regions require Routière du Midi to install culverts on waterways. Since the Grenelle Environment Law and the creation of the waterway protection plan, these structures have come under scrutiny since they are suspected of preventing sufficient ecological continuity in waterways to allow fish, notably fario trout, to return to their reproduction grounds.

Installed in February 2012, the recycled skip immediately aroused the curiosity and interest of project partners, in particular EDF, the program owner, and the Dreal (regional environment, development and housing authority). The initiative also boosted the Group’s image with the departmental fishing federation, whose expertise was called on from the start of the project and to help organise various events on the worksite: open days, school visits, annual environment day in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, etc.

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