The Black Room

Watch the movie of this innovation.

Every year, Signature Industrie (Eurovia) takes on some 10 or so new employees and around 50 temporary workers. These employees are particularly exposed to safety problems (53% of workplace accidents involve employees with less than two years’ seniority, while the accident frequency rate - if temporary workers are included - is 10 times higher than for in-house personnel only). The company was therefore keen to reinforce its induction and awareness-raising procedures.

Since Signature Industrie set up its Black Room in September 2012, the company has posted an appreciable improvement in its safety results – including for temporary workers. Between 2011 and 2012, the frequency rate fell from 17.11 to 3.3 and the severity rate from 0.83 to 0.03. The Black Room is effective for new arrivals but can also be used to remind all employees, including those working in administrative departments, of the safety rules to be respected.


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