Vega, the plug & play solar-powered station for electric bicycles

Watch the movie of this innovation.

A radical solution to problems of traffic congestion and pollution, and also a preventive tool recommended by the World Health Organisation, the bicycle has gained freedom of the city in many large towns through self-service systems like Vélib. However, there was no infrastructure for electric bicycles (also known as e-bikes), despite the fact that they offer excellent arguments to win over new sections of the urban population.

A Vega station was installed on an experimental basis for use of Signature Industrie employees in the car park of the company’s Urrugne plant. Employees regularly use the e-bikes to commute between home and work, added to which maintenance personnel use them for travelling between the different buildings on the site. Following a presentation of Vega at the mayors and local authorities trade fair, numerous projects are now being examined with municipalities and private clients.


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