Viaroc®, the first prefabricated protective asphalt mix

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Protecting the weather-proofing systems (PVC membrane, HDPE or bituminous) of canal banks and industrial or stormwater storage basins against mechanical shocks and barge wake or water lapping has hitherto been done using rock fill, concrete or a geotextile system weighted with aggregate. In response to a specific request in 2012, Eurovia embarked on designing a more economical and easier to apply bituminous mix technique for protecting these weather-proofing elements.

Viaroc® is the first – and only – asphalt surfacing that can be repaired by laying a prefabricated replacement section. Although specifically designed for use on canal banks, it can also be used to protect the weather-proofing layers of retention basins, reinforce roadside run-off drains and build and repair reserved public transport lanes. A patent was filed in 2012 covering the composition, the processing method and the handling tool.

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