“Pusher” wagon for continuous welded rails (CWR)

Watch the movie of this innovation.

Construction of high-speed rail lines generally entails installing a temporary track for trains carrying the concrete sleepers and the CWRs that form the final track. In Phase 2 of the Est-Européenne high-speed rail line project, where supply constraints required immediate installation of the final sleepers, a new method and a new tool for laying the continuous welded rails had to be found.

Thanks to the “pusher” wagon, it is no longer necessary to install a temporary track (cost and time savings) and the new rail line is laid directly in 400-m sections. It took only three days to lay the 42 rails stored on the train. This new process also presents substantial safety advantages: elimination of rail slinging operations on the track and the accompanying risks of breakage; mechanisation of the task of hooking the CWRs to the train, remote control of manoeuvres, etc.

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