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While construction remains Eurovia’s core activity, quarrying is increasingly important for the Company and now accounts for 10% of its revenue. Eurovia has consistently enhanced its production capacity over the past 20 years. In 2011, it reached the production milestone of 100 million tonnes. This was a considerable leap due in large part to the acquisition of TMRC.

Mainly located in Europe, but also in Canada, Eurovia’s quarries are an integral part of the Company’s business model, providing a correlation between the production of materials and the construction of infrastructure. Aggregates represent one of the inputs of construction; having one’s own source of aggregates reduces dependence and increases autonomy.

Quarrying is a fully-fledged industrial activity that features specific challenges, core skills, and considerable investment requirements. Environmental issues are central to quarry management. Opening a new site is never easy: operators must comply with regulatory requirements, deal with opposition to their projects, and display exemplary conduct in matters of environmental protection.

Among Eurovia’s quarries, 60% are ISO 14011 certified; in Quebec and the Czech Republic, that figures rises to 100%.

Today, Eurovia is number 1 in aggregate production in France, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

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