Reducing dust released into the environment

Dust emissions caused by the movement of machines and vehicles in a quarry must be reduced since they constitute a nuisance for local residents and a health risk for

employees. The method traditionally used consists of spraying water on the ground using a tractor equipped with a tank. At the Chailloué quarries, which has 15 km of tracks, this method was inadequate and needed to be rethought.

The best idea that emerged was to have the job done by the dumpers which travel
continuously between the cutting face and the unloading point. Technically, it required adapting a tank and a sprinkling bar on the dumpers and providing a fixed filling
installation at the skip-filling platform. Thanks to a very simple control system, the driver fills his tank and sprays the water on the part of the track that requires dampening.

The dampening team no longer has to deal with the extraction point and the tracks
leading to it, and can concentrate on the other operating tracks, leading to more effective reduction of dust emissions. Since filling and emptying the tanks is done as part of normal operations, the new method has no negative impact on production.

This system was awarded a Sustainable Development prize in the Materials, Processes and Techniques category.

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