Self-cleaning bitumen filter

Bituminous binders are filtered on bulk delivery to coating plants or road binder plants. The residues they contain are recovered and stored in “filter baskets” which have to be regularly cleaned. The procedure entails production stoppages and risks (burns, splatter) for the operators.

The device developed allows the basket to be cleaned without dismounting it. It consists of three blades powered by a slow step-down motor that scrape the inside wall of the filter. The residue falls to the bottom of the basket from where it is recovered by an Archimedes screw and extracted by a sliding valve.

Designed in 2008, the device was tested throughout 2009 on the Styrelf® production
unit in Périgueux (Dordogne), where it filtered around 30,000 tonnes of bitumen without having to be dismounted. Since 2010, 14 self-cleaning filters of the same type have been installed in Eurovia’s bitumen reception stations over the whole South-West region.

This innovation was awarded an Equipment and Tools prize in the Equipment and Tools category.

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