"Léa et Téo" concept

Enhance safety in school zones

In 2008 in France, 7,409 children under the age of 15 were involved in road accidents. And 44% of these accidents occurred on their way from home to school. In response to this situation, Signature Industrie has created the "Léa et Téo" concept which complements regulatory road signs and enhances visibility in school zones, resulting in greater protection for schoolchildren.

"Léa" and "Téo" are two panels depicting a stylized girl and boy on a bright yellow fluorescent background that ensures maximum visibility for the two characters created by Signature, which can easily be seen by both children and drivers. The panels' contemporary and personalized design allow children to identify with them and, as a result, be more aware of road hazards. Choice of colour for clothing, hairstyle, the use of a regional or sports accessory or bilingual indications - these are all variations that can turn the panels into a community safety mascot.

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