Slovakia: Opening of the expressway built by Eurovia

The first three segments of the R1 expressway, renamed PR1BINA, built by Granvia Construction (Eurovia CS subsidiary) in Slovakia were inaugurated on October 28, 2011. This project, which covers a 52-km stretch of roadway, represents the first public-private partnership initiative undertaken in this country's road industry and will be operated by Vinci Concessions for 30 years. The infrastructure connects the cities of Nitra and Tekovské Nemce, east of the capital Bratislava. The Banska Bystrica bypass will be opened to traffic next July.

Eurovia mobilized up to 3,000 people to build this dual 2-lane highway segment. As much as 4.5 million cubic metres of soil was excavated, and 275,000 new trees were planted. Construction of the first three sections, totalling 46 kilometres, required only 25 months, which represents a strong performance given the weather-related challenges in the region and the scope of the project. In addition, 78 bridges were built, for a total length of 6,843 metres; their construction required 300,000 tonnes of concrete.

Prior to its entry into service, the expressway was opened for pedestrian, roller-blader, and bicycle traffic.

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