Testing Viastrip® on motorway A51

As part of a program deployed by VINCI Autoroutes designed to combat driver fatigue and loss of alertness, Escota has called on Eurovia to address damage caused to raised road markings by snow-removal equipment. The mandate was to find a rumble-strip type alternative solution for a 30-kilometre section of motorway A51 subjected to harsh winter weather conditions (rain, snow, and ice).

Eurovia recommended testing Viastrip®, a noise-and-vibration roadway device designed to prevent roadway departure crashes. This solution is implemented by milling a wave-like groove pattern onto the roadway. The shape and depth of the groove is designed to produce effective vibration and noise, thereby alerting drivers when they stray from their lane.

Testing of Viastrip® was monitored for a year by SETRA (a French government agency that conducts studies on transport infrastructure, including roadways) as part of an innovation protocol undertaken in conjunction with DSCR (an agency responsible for road safety). Centre d’Etudes Techniques de l’Equipement Méditerranée (CETE) was mandated to monitor the device and evaluate its efficacy for users and its resistance to winter maintenance operations.

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