The traffic supervisor: an increasingly popular solution beyond Eurovia

In 2002, an employee at the Eurovia Midi-Pyrénées Toulouse division was crushed by a truck backing up. Following this accident, safety and prevention became priorities at the Company's worksites. A simple and effective solution was implemented in 2003: a traffic supervisor wearing a red safety jacket whose responsibility is to direct truck traffic at the worksite. This award-winning initiative (2003 VINCI Innovation Awards, Management category) was renamed "l'homme trafic à la manœuvre" (traffic supervisor for worksite manoeuvres) was quickly disseminated regional level, then nationally in 2004 (with a manoeuvres guide featuring traffic signals) and finally at the international level. Traffic supervisor training starts as soon as a new employee is hired. In addition, vehicle-hire suppliers are provided with a checklist to ensure that worksite safety remains top of mind. The practice has won adherents outside the Company: Organisme professionnel de prévention du bâtiment et des travaux publics (OPPBTP) has published a manoeuvres guide and Institut national de recherche et de sécurité (INRS) has adopted the principle. However, the best indicator of this innovation's success remains the drop in accidents involving trucks backing up.

This technique received a Dissemination Prize in the Vendor Dissemination category.

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