Winter maintenance

While there is increasing talk about global warming, there is no doubt that winter weather is sometimes severe. In an effort to help communities – from Scotland to Spain and from Canada to Lithuania – deal with winter weather, Eurovia provides special teams that stay tuned to the weather report and are ready to jump into action quickly.

In summer, Eurovia builds up its salt stocks which it will use to apply to roads in winter as part of snowremoval operations. When winters are rough, roads are shut down, the cost of this “white gold” can start to soar. Thanks to new technologies, the movement and activities of the fleet are monitored in real time when they go into action, gauging the progress of saltspreading and snow-removal equipment, their on-time performance, and the volume of salt used. The teams are ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make roads secure and ease the flow of traffic.

In certain contracts, Eurovia teams may need to decide on their own to launch preventive operations. To help them in their decisions, procedures based on weather forecasting systems have been implemented. Thanks to its experience in the area of winter maintenance, Eurovia has developed brines that have helped reduce consumption of road salt by about 25%. Salt can be swept away by the wind, whereas brines instantly penetrate into the roadway.

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