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Involvement and commitment

Our civic responsibility

Since its founding, Eurovia has promoted civic values, including primarily corporate social responsibility. We embrace the principles set out in the VINCI Group’s charter of ethical conduct and strive to be a responsible employer, dedicated to equal opportunity and occupational health and safety.

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Our human resources policy

Eurovia has fully embraced the VINCI Group’s charter of ethical conduct, which governs the business culture of all of the Group’s entities. The Company also supports the VINCI Manifest, which is designed to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunity.

Training and promoting diversity

Training is a decisive issue and a driver for promotion in all of the Company’s business lines. Accordingly, Eurovia has two international training centres in France (the Gevrey-Chambertin campus for roadway-related trades and Mérignac campus for management).
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Safety: achieving zero accidents

The production of building materials and construction of infrastructure are sectors where the risk of accidents is high. That is why Eurovia has placed employee safety at the top of its priorities.

Our environment policy

As is the case for the VINCI Group as a whole, Eurovia pursues multiple initiatives in all countries where it operates to ensure that its projects respect sustainable development principles. It promotes responsible environmental management by developing products and processes and deploying activities that contribute to environmental protection; the Company also strives to minimize the environmental impact of its industrial facilities and worksites. Eurovia’s commitment to the environment is based on a proactive approach with respect to research, development and innovation.

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Build lasting relationships with all stakeholders

The construction of infrastructure, production and recycling of materials, and maintenance of networks are activities associated with certain constraints. We have made the choice of engaging in dialogue and active listening with our stakeholders, including clients, elected officials in local communities, public authorities, suppliers, subcontractors, employees and unions, local residents, associations, and users and future users of the infrastructure we build.

Ethical business conduct

In all parts of the world where Eurovia operates, we are dedicated to conducting business in an exemplary manner with all of our stakeholders. Eurovia employees work in accordance with national regulations and with the requirements in the Ethical Charter and the VINCI Manifesto, which define the good practices we use in competition-related matters.

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In addition to being prohibited in almost all countries, anti-competitive practices (agreements, abuse of dominance, and so on) also represent obstacles to Eurovia’s development. Our Company’s credibility, success, and sustainability depend on the strict...

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