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Safety: achieving zero accidents

The production of building materials and construction of infrastructure are sectors where the risk of accidents is high. That is why Eurovia has placed employee safety at the top of its priorities.

Similarly to other VINCI Group companies, Eurovia pursues a “zero accident” objective. Every year, the Company reinvests part of its profits in research designed to enhance employee comfort and safety and in safety and professional training.

Eurovia has launched its near-accident prevention program, which targets “near misses,” to make prevention top of mind for all personnel. The objective is to make every employee responsible for his or her safety. Every year, over 213,000 hours of training are delivered and 20,000 safety tests conducted internationally.

Our Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE) network takes part in implementing occupational health and safety initiatives, organizing events, and disseminating good practices to prevent risk and minimize hardship. This proactive prevention policy, which has been in place at Eurovia for several years, has led to a 50% drop in the accident frequency rate in 5 years.

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