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Build lasting relationships with all stakeholders

The construction of infrastructure, production and recycling of materials, and maintenance of networks are activities associated with certain constraints. We have made the choice of engaging in dialogue and active listening with our stakeholders, including clients, elected officials in local communities, public authorities, suppliers, subcontractors, employees and unions, local residents, associations, and users and future users of the infrastructure we build.

Our ambition is to minimize nuisances due to worksites, ensure safety at worksites, and preserve the environment.

Prior to each project, numerous parameters are taken into consideration, including sound and visual nuisances, pollution, pedestrian traffic, automobile traffic, managing the deployment and movement of heavy machinery and trucks on site.

All of this is done to ensure that our worksites are deployed with minimal impact to local surroundings and economic activity. In this regard, we comply with pinpoint specifications. The Company organizes local consultation and monitoring commissions. Economic and social partners are consulted at each phase in our operations. For the past several years, Eurovia has promoted biodiversity in its quarries. We build ties with communities and associations dedicated to environmental protection, notably, during the site redevelopment planning phase when projects are still under way or nearing completion. In addition, operators on site rely on their own initiative: they adapt their practices to the environment to minimize disturbances and, better, to foster biodiversity in their quarries.

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