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Foster good environmental practices

Our environment policy defines our vision on this issue. It provides a formal framework for our commitment and empowers employees to achieve progress in this area. 

The policy focuses on a three-pronged approach: design and develop techniques and provide increasingly environmentally friendly services; control the impact of our activities on the environment; and promote environmental value.

Recycling, minimizing our CO2 footprint, reducing energy consumption, and preserving natural resources are already part of initiatives Eurovia undertakes to lessen the impact of its activities. Targeted deadlines and results help the Company chart its progress with accuracy. 

Eurovia is active on several fronts in the fight against climate change: energy-efficient buildings, training, employee awareness-raising initiatives, environmental orientation, environment briefings at worksites, eco-driving techniques, and eco-management of industrial sites.

Eco-effectiveness is yet another area where the Company is mobilizing support and making progress. Eco-effectiveness is dependent on appropriate eco-design - in other words, a product's entire life cycle must be assessed right from the design phase. Product development must include an analysis of its environmental impact and a plan for integrating environmentally friendly features throughout its life cycle. Eurovia developed an eco-software application, GAIA.BE®, which assesses its worksites' environmental impact. This approach meets the increasingly important client requirement of environmental awareness and protection. The Company has decided to train all of its heavy-vehicle drivers and machinery operators in eco-driving techniques.

A network of 50 Quality, Safety, and Environment delegates, assisted by a staff of approximately 100 people, manages our environment policy alongside operational personnel. This structure favours the sharing of experience and allows all groups to benefit from tangible expertise. It is designed to enable Eurovia to reach a standard level of environmental performance in all countries where the Company is present.

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