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Merignac Research Centre

Putting innovation at the service of sustainable development

At Eurovia, our research, development and innovation (RD&I) program - one of the Company's strategic pillars - is dedicated to sustainable development, preserving the environment, enhancing infrastructural safety, and ensuring the sustainability in the Company's top three research areas.

As much as 70% of the RD&I budget, is devoted to implementing technologies and solutions that add genuine environmental value. The products, techniques and solutions created at the Mérignac research centre (in the Gironde region of France) are rapidly implemented in the field. In 2009, that was the case for several environmentally friendly solutions, including the second generation of the Tempera® range of warm-mix products, Viaphone®, an asphalt paving solution that reduces noise pollution for local residents and users, and NOxer®, a surface dressing that uses the process of photocatalysis to eliminate 10 to 40% of polluting exhaust gases.

Eurovia also shares its technologies and solutions with all entities in the VINCI Group.

Just like VINCI, Eurovia fosters participatory innovation. The Company favours the use of feedback to disseminate best practices across its operations. Sharing good ideas is part of Eurovia's culture. That is why the Company has created its Feedback Awards in which employees vote to recognize the most useful innovations (new processes, bright ideas, breakthrough tools, etc.). Entries in the running for the Feedback Awards also qualify for the VINCI Innovation Awards, which recognize products and methods that contribute to the dissemination and promotion of expertise in all of the Group's areas of activity.

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