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République tchèque : un nouveau tronçon de l’autoroute D3 est ouvert à la circulation

[11/6/2017] Czech Republic: new motorway D3 segment open to traffic

Motorists can now access a new 5-km segment on motorway D3. This new section, located between Veselí nad Lužnicí and Bošilec, was inaugurated on October 12.

Finishing work will continue until spring 2018 without affecting traffic. The new D3 segment will eventually connect the Tábor/Veselí nad Lužnicí section to the Bošilec/Ševětín section, which is currently under construction.
Work on motorway D3, which began in April 2015, consisted essentially in extending route I/3. Half the length of motorway D3 was built in parallel to route I/3; subsequently, the latter was rebuilt to accommodate further motorway development. Eurovia CS took part in the construction effort and in upgrades to eight bridges (three on the motorway, two above the motorway, one on another road, and changes to two existing crossings). In addition, utility networks had to be relocated. The final construction operation was to install horizontal and vertical road signs.
Motorway D3, for which Eurovia has built or is currently building several segments, is a new carriageway that will eventually link the city of Prague with the Central and South Bohemian regions. The completed motorway will reduce travel times and relieve congestion. D3 is also part of E55, a major international highway that connects Scandinavia and Greece, and of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T).

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