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[11/9/2017] France: Eurovia gears up to complete its upgrade of runway 4 at Paris-Orly Airport

Following its successful large-scale project in 2016 involving runway 4 at Paris-Orly Airport, Eurovia was strongly committed to achieving another success story with operations conducted in 2017 on behalf of Groupe ADP.

From July 25 to August 19, 2017, a 100% Eurovia consortium was active on the project, including Jean Lefebvre IDF Vitry-sur-Seine (lead contractor), Eurovia Massy, Emulithe Villeneuve-le-Roi, and Eurovia Grands Travaux (works management). The summer 2017 project was a continuation of operations conducted on the runway in 2016 and included works to bring it into compliance.
To lessen disruption to airport operations, the works timetable was shortened from five to four weeks; in addition, the Eurovia consortium and its subcontractors mobilised greater human and material resources. This outstanding effort was made even more challenging by stringent site-access controls (trained personnel only carrying ID badges, authorised vehicles, monitored supplies, and other measures).
Accordingly, the consortium had to manage a great number of vehicles at the worksite. In efforts to optimise fuel monitoring and supply, the work teams implemented flash-code labelling on every machine. This method was effective as it significantly simplified fuel-supply monitoring.

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