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[11/8/2017] France: repairing a motorway A6 underpass between Fontainebleau and Nemours

EJL’s Cannes-Écluse division has completed repairs to roads and safety equipment at underpass 76 of motorway A6 (between Fontainebleau and Nemours).

This project, awarded to a consortium that includes Freyssinet (VINCI Construction) as lead contractor, was designed to upgrade the structure and restore its watertightness since the original sealants dated from the 1970s. The work had to be carried out in two phases so as not to disrupt summer tourist traffic, which is important for this region.
The first phase (Paris outbound) was conducted from mid-May to the end of June, while the second (Paris inbound) began in September and ended in mid-October.
The work included road-planing operations and the post-paving concrete pour of safety structures.
The major challenge in this project was to implement an 8-centimetre wearing course using a modified binder without resorting to joints or table stops, which required flawless logistics.
Accordingly, the 550 tonnes of asphalt mix used on this project were produced by a mobile unit that also concurrently carried out resurfacing operations on motorway A5. A single line consisting of 21 lorries supplied asphalt to the worksite. Three pavers (including one with an extension) implemented the total asphalt tonnage in less than an hour. To complete the operation, compacting tasks were performed by two pneumatic-tyred rollers and two cylinders.

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