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[12/7/2017] France: meeting the challenge of using only 30% outside materials in the redevelopment of a stadium in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

In October 2017, the Chéron stadium redevelopment project in the city of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés was awarded an “Environmental Excellence” label for its waste and recycling management. A consortium that includes TP Goulard (lead contractor), Valentin, and Sportflooring has been active since May 15, 2017 on this project at Chéron stadium – and will be until December 2017 – to renovate the football pitch (by replacing its grass surface with artificial turf) and widen the sprint track from four to six lanes. Some 25 employees are taking part in project planning at the worksite.

The “Environmental Excellence” label is awarded following an internal audit process based on an evaluation grid featuring 42 criteria that must all be met. In addition to sharing basic attributes required for achieving “Environmental Excellence,” all projects must identify one or more features that meet requirements in specific categories, thereby displaying exemplary environmental management.
In an effort to meet “waste and recycling” requirements on this project, the teams strived to reduce outside supply by re-using materials recovered from the demolition of the track and stands. In addition, topsoil from the pitch was re-used to create green spaces, materials recovered from demolition operations were crushed and re-used on site, and excavation and fill materials were also re-used on site without resorting to off-site removal.
In the end, only 30% of materials came from outside the site.
Work should be completed on December 15.

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