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[10/25/2018] Building the Amiens Métropole bus depot

From October 2017 to March 2019, the team at the Amiens division (Eurovia Picardie) is taking part in building a bus depot at Amiens Métropole, including all roadworks, utility networks, and green spaces, specifically earthworks, sanitation, utility networks, road sub-base layers, edges, asphalting, paving, and green landscaping.

This project is designed to create a facility dedicated to bus-transport operations in Greater Amiens. The depot will cover 6 hectares and feature 41,000 m² of roads and parking for 150 buses.
More specifically, the project calls for the construction of a 150-space bus-parking area, a fuelling station, a wash station, a light-vehicle parking area, and a building covering about 7,000 m² and divided into two main sections:
- a workshop, a sort of industrial building housing storage space and workshop managers’ offices
- an administrative zone comprising a one-storey office building
This ultra-modern facility will enable Ametis (the city of Amiens’ public transport authority) to manage its bus fleet optimally. The fleet includes 43 fully electric buses assigned to three new bus rapid transit (BRT) lines. The electric buses will be recharged on site at night.

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