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Pologne : inauguration de la voie rapide S3 entre Legnica et Bolków

[10/31/2018] Poland: inauguration of the S3 expressway between Legnica and Bolków

The inauguration of a new portion of the S3 expressway between Legnica and Bolków took place on 15 October and the event was attended by the Infrastructure Minister (Andrzej Adamczyk), Lower Silesian Voivode (Paweł Hreniak), GDDKiA Division Director in Wrocław (Lidia Markowska), Director of Eurovia’s Activities in Poland (Nicolas Depret) and several Eurovia employees who had participated in the construction.

The S3 expressway serves the west of Poland and will in the long run link the north of the country to Lubawka which borders the Czech Republic.
This new portion of the S3 road, which is located in the south of the country, will bypass the agglomerations of Jawor and Bolków – around 30,000 residents between the two – as well as traffic on national roads 3 and 5.
The segment was divided into two packages. Eurovia, in the consortium for which it was the lead contractor, built the section from south Legnica to the Jawor bifurcation, that is, a two-lane dual carriageway with a 2.5-m wide hard shoulder over a distance of 19.7 km, including 2 service areas, 12 bridges and 12 animal passages.
The S3 expressway is part of the E65 international road in the Trans-European transport corridor.

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