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[12/3/2018] Extending motorway A16 in Île-de-France

While motorway A16 (which is managed by SANEF, a motorway operator in northern and eastern France) connects L’Isle-Adam to France’s border with Belgium, it does not connect with a major carriageway in Île-de-France. That shortcoming will be rectified in 2019 thanks to a project designed to extend motorway A16, on which a consortium consisting of Eurovia Saint-Gratien, Cochery Pierrelaye (lead contractor), VINCI Construction Terrassement, and ATIDFN was awarded work package number 7.

Since June 2017, consortium teams have been working actively on the project. Until September 2019, they will be focusing their efforts on the communes of Presles, Nerville-La-Forêt, and Maffliers.
As part of this project combining earthworks, engineering structures, and transport reconnections, the consortium upgraded a 4-km segment of national route RN1 for annexation into motorway A16. This operation encompassed earthworks and the laying of a sub-base course (VINCI Construction Terrassement), engineering structures (VINCI Construction Terrassement), water management and sanitation works (Cochery/Eurovia), roadways (Cochery/Eurovia), and installation of safety and operational equipment (Cochery/Eurovia).
A key project requirement was to keep RN1 open for traffic during the works phase since it is a major route serving 35,000 vehicles a day. As a result, in an effort to minimise disruption to road users, asphalting operations were carried out at weekends in accordance with a tight timetable.
Work on the outbound-from-Paris section was conducted in March and April 2018, while work on the inbound-to-Paris section was carried out in September 2018. The final phase of these works, including the surface course and official entry into service, will take place in September 2019.
This project, including all work packages, will result in a total of 8 km of motorway extensions between L’Isle-Adam and Île-de-France.

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