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Neige et verglas : Eurovia en première ligne

[2/7/2018] Snow and ice-removal: Eurovia on the front line!

With record snowfalls this winter all over the world and this season’s first snowflakes settling on the ground in France, Eurovia is on the front line of road maintenance. Whether delivering services as part of contract agreements or supporting local service providers, the Group’s strike force maintains road safety, thereby ensuring mobility for all. Here’s a quick global glimpse of our operations.

In Scotland, Bear Scotland (a joint venture consisting of Eurovia, Jacobs, and Breedon Aggregates) oversees numerous maintenance contracts, particularly for snow-removal services. Road users can even track snow-removal operations, truck by truck, thanks to an online map. To facilitate tracking, the trucks in this online tool were recently named by schoolchildren. As a result, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Dynamic Duo Ice Buster, Ice Destroyer, Sir Salter Scott, Sir Andy Flurry, Sir Grits-a-Lot, Ice Queen, and Mrs. McGritter travel the roads of Scotland to ensure safe driving conditions whatever the weather.

In Spain, many divisions such as Trabit provide winter maintenance services. In the province of Alberta in Canada, Carmacks employs a proactive approach to winter maintenance by using anti-icing units as a pre-emptive measure in cities like Edmonton (movie).

In France, the Group’s extensive territorial coverage enables it to provide assistance both to highway-maintenance companies – such as the VINCI Autoroutes network – and municipal and regional services – as in Dreux for example – in efforts to ensure user safety on major roadways.

Of course, also worth mentioning is Eurovia’s latest innovation, Power Road®, its positive-energy roadway solution that can remove snow and ice from all road infrastructure on which it is installed, such as Place Xavier Marmier in Pontarlier (in the Doubs region), which also features a webcam webcam.

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