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Royaume-Uni : transformation de Tottenham Court Road à Londres

[3/12/2018] United Kingdom: transforming London’s busy Tottenham Court Road

Eurovia Contracting South will play a vital role in the transformation of one of the busiest parts of central London: Tottenham Court Road.

This major commercial artery features multiple electronics shops and furniture stores. Harry Potter will recognise the area as the setting for the scene in the last volume in which the three protagonists use “Apparition” to elude the Death Eaters. This operation is part of the West End Project (WEP), which should be completed by mid-March 2020. Its goal is to prepare the district for the arrival of new residents as well as people to be employed at the new Tottenham Court Road Crossrail station, set to open in December of this year.
The current one-way system in Tottenham Court Road, Gower Street, Bloomsbury Street, and Charing Cross Road will be replaced with a two-way street and protected cycle lanes. Wider footpaths, improved lighting, pedestrian crossings, and a wastewater drainage system will also be added.
The West End Project will help transform one of London’s most congested areas. The work carried out by Eurovia Contracting will enhance the flow of traffic around Tottenham Court Road for many years to come.

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