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Reconstruction de la route de la Baie James dans le nord du Québec

[5/9/2018] Rebuilding Route de la Baie James in Northern Quebec

Eurovia Québec Construction, in partnership with Blais&Langlois, was awarded an initial-phase contract for the rebuilding of Route de la Baie James, located in Northern Quebec.

This 620 km roadway crosses the Jamésie region in the northwestern section of the province and attracts many tourists heading to James Bay, a large body of water located just south of Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada. The road also provides access to hydroelectric power-generation facilities and Aboriginal communities in Northern Quebec.
The project, which begins in 2018, targets the roadway section located between kilometres 144 and 200. Teams will replace 39 culverts, repair the roadway (planing, pulverizing and mixing support aggregates, and asphalting), and upgrade the surface course on bridges spanning the roadway.
These activities will be carried out in a very remote setting; accordingly, a mobile asphalt-production unit (with a capacity of 400 tonnes an hour) will be deployed on the project. Given the distance separating the work site from the nearest village (200 km), base camps have been installed to lodge project personnel.
Eurovia, again in partnership with Blais&Langlois, is well positioned to obtain the second-phase contract for the rebuilding of Route de la Baie James, which is set for 2019, since the consortium was the lowest bidder.
In the years ahead, three additional phases will be added to the project, and Eurovia will be in a good position to undertake continuing reconstruction mandates on this roadway.

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