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[1/11/2019] Development of emblematic spaces in Gradignan’s city centre

Eurovia Gironde teams have been hard at work reshaping Gradignan’s city centre (33) since September 2016.

This Gironde town with a population of slightly more than 25,000, situated in the intercommunal agglomeration of Metropolitan Bordeaux, has in fact launched major works to transform its public spaces for the enhanced coexistence of all transport modes.
A challenging project for Eurovia, which is piloting four works packages divided into nine construction phases over a period of three years, during which the teams will do their best to maintain traffic and access to residents, merchants and users. In this context, the branch has signed the “Metropolitan Bordeaux Clean Worksite” charter.
In April 2019, Eurovia Gironde will deliver a beautified city centre that is more user-friendly and safer with smoother car, pedestrian and bicycle traffic – thanks in particular to the use of Agrevia®, Eurovia’s asphalt for decoration and signage.
This project will give people who are unemployed a total of 3,000 hours of work.

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