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Canada : livraison de plusieurs projets de conception-construction en Colombie-Britannique

[11/21/2019] Canada: delivery of several design-build projects in British Columbia

Road users in Chilliwack, British Columbia’s seventh-largest city, will see significant upgrades to their transport infrastructure thanks to the delivery of two projects led by teams at Eurovia BC.

Last August, the project—specifically, the design-build project—to upgrade the Lickman interchange was completed 4 months ahead of schedule. The project included the rehabilitation of Lickman Road (between the western exit ramp of Highway 1 and the crossroads of Yale Road West and Industrial Way) as a means of improving traffic conditions both with respect to travel time and road safety. The project included building a roundabout, making improvements to a crossroads, widening the road embankment, installing a new surface course, and upgrading electrical networks. It also included managing a significant volume of traffic as well as communications with users regarding efforts to minimise disruption for area residents and businesses.

This autumn, yet another major project will be delivered, specifically the City of Chilliwack’s “Transportation Combo Design-Build Project”, which was awarded in 2016 and which includes widening roadways, repairing pavements (called “sidewalks” in Canada), and upgrading crossroads. The contract encompasses several construction mandates, including a roundabout, a footbridge, a retention pond, and a dual pedestrian and bicycle path.

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