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Depart Des Travaux Pour La Liaison Sud De Haguenau

[12/2/2019] France: work begins on Haguenau’s southern link

In Haguenau, a commune located some 30 kilometres north of Strasbourg, work on the southern link has begun! The link is a 6-kilometre urban boulevard in a dual 1-lane configuration bounded by vegetation and including a dedicated two-way cycle trail separated from the roadway as well as car parks placed in accordance with various zones and footways.

With a speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour, the southern link will be neither a motorway nor a bypass. Its vocation is to complement the south-to-east road connection in the region and relieve traffic in the city centre, thereby providing an effective route to future urban zones and residents located south of the commune.
As part of a consortium, EJL Alsace (Eurovia) is in charge of building two roadway sections for the southern link. Following a preparatory period of three months, the project is now entering its active phase, which will last a little more than a year. Initial works have included transplanting several protected species of flora present along the roadworks site.
Haguenau’s southern link will be open to traffic in October 2021 and enable people seeking employment to contribute 6,500 work hours to back-to-work schemes.

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