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[2/8/2019] Using roads to reduce urban noise and temperature

Once more, Eurovia has reasserted its commitment to preserving the environment through research and innovation. In conjunction with the European Union’s LIFE programme, which is a funding instrument for the environment and for climate action, Paris city hall has implemented the Cool & Low Noise Asphalt project with Eurovia’s Aubervilliers division as well as Colas and Bruitparif.

The project aims to develop and test multiple innovative asphalt mixes designed to reduce noise pollution and counteract rising temperatures in dense urban centres such as Paris. Thanks to the new clearer mixes and materials’ enhanced water-retention capacity, significant results are expected with roadway noise levels dropping by 50% and heat-island effects dropping by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.
For this project, Eurovia has developed Puma®, a hot-mix asphalt developed after over a year of research carried out by the Aubervilliers division, the IDF Normandie technical directorate, and Eurovia’s international research centre.
To optimise experimentation, three sites were selected in accordance with diverse criteria, including sun-exposure rates, dearth of vegetation, and noise readings.
Rue Lecourbe, a busy street in Paris’s 15th district, was among the sites selected for experimentation.
To assess the effects of these new mixes as fully as possible in comparison with conventional road surfacing, readings will be carried out until 2027 using devices at weather stations located close to the pilot sites along with sensors built into roadways. The Cool & Low Noise Asphalt is the first noise-attenuation asphalt project carried out by central municipal authorities in Paris.

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