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Interventions au cœur de la Défense

[3/11/2019] Gennevilliers division active at La Défense

In November 2018, after six months of operations, Eurovia’s Gennevilliers division completed the binding portion of the redevelopment mandate for the Iris and Reflets underground passageways at La Défense, the major business district on the outskirts of Paris.

These passageways are located below the esplanade at La Défense and are used to make deliveries to the towers in La Défense.
Since the project required the demolition of all existing structures (to expose the concrete slab), work was carried out under stringent constraints, including ensuring continued deliveries during the day and reopening the zone in its entirety outside the project’s operating hours.
In December 2018, the teams began work on lots 1 and 2 of the redevelopment project for Place de l’Iris and the area around the Saint-Gobain tower, at the above-ground level of the esplanade. An industrial lift, installed in an existing skylight, was used to deliver supplies to the worksite from the Iris passageway. Once work at Place de l’Iris is completed in 2020, Eurovia will be able to complete the contract’s conditional portion for the Iris and Reflets project by installing a small square around the skylight.

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