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Québec : réaménagement d’une des principales rues commerçantes de Montréal (1)

[3/25/2019] Quebec: redeveloping one of Montreal’s main shopping streets

In July 2018, Eurovia Quebec was awarded one of two work packages as part of a contract to carry out roadworks and redevelopment in rue Saint-Hubert, one of Montreal’s main shopping streets, as well as two work packages to rebuild its famous glass canopy, which protects pedestrians from the sun, rain, and snow.

Work at “Plaza Saint-Hubert” as Montrealers call the area, began in August 2018. By summer 2020, networks will be upgraded, the canopy replaced, a new multi-functional lane (cars, bicycles, and parking) installed, along with wider pavements and cobbled spaces for pedestrians.

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