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Lettonie/Estonie : deux villes jumelles transfrontalières bâtissent un cœur de ville commun

[1/20/2020] Latvia/Estonia: twin cross-border towns build a shared town centre

Walk, a former provincial town in the Russian empire under the czars, is now divided into two cross-border towns: Valga in Estonia and Valka in Latvia. Together, the towns form an agglomeration with a population of 20,000. Their situation is a particular one and a symbol for the process of European integration for both of these Baltic nations.

In December, TREV-2 Grupp (Eurovia in Estonia) signed a contract with both municipalities to create a shared town centre—a new public space straddling the border. To join the towns together, TREV-2 Grupp will build a footway and footbridge as well as several urban facilities (including a skate park) and conduct landscaping work.
Among the facilities, a swing will probably become a key attraction as much for residents as for tourists since its placement on the border will allow it to swing from one town—and, therefore, one country—to the other.
Work will begin in spring 2020 and be completed by the end of the year.

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