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PPP D4 Republique tcheque

[12/7/2020] Eurovia CS takes part in the first public-private partnership in Czech Republic for the creation of the D4 motorway

On 7 December 2020, the consortium consisting in equal parts of VINCI and Meridiam (50/50), led by VINCI Highways, was designated as preferred bidder by the Czech Republic's Ministry of Transport for the PPP contract for the D4 motorway linking Příbram (Central Bohemia) to Písek (South Bohemia).

The project consists in designing, finance, build, operate and maintain a new 32 km motorway and converting 17 km of existing infrastructure into a dual two-lane carriageway. Design and construction will be carried out by Eurovia CS which is set up in the Czech Republic since 1992. The new highway will provide an improved road connection between rural South Bohemia and Prague, consequently fostering economic and social development, and will also contribute to improving traffic conditions on the country’s major commercial routes, particularly towards neighbouring Germany and Austria. The contract is for 28 years (including approximately 4 years of construction work) and represents an investment of some CZK 16.5 billion.

Press release PPP D4 in Czech Republic

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