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Royaume-Uni : de l’innovation au business

[12/21/2020] United Kingdom: from innovation to business

AVUS (Augmented Visualisation of Underground Services) is a startup whose purpose is to develop business applications around underground hazards through solutions devised in collaboration with site managers.

AVUS was launched in the United Kingdom in 2019. Following a period of incubation and accelerated development in conjunction with Leonard (VINCI’s foresight and innovation platform), AVUS is now a fully-fledged business unit.

AVUS technology is supplied by Syslor, a new startup that recently raised €1 million of venture capital thanks in part to Eurovia Innovation Venture.

Eurovia UK has recently successfully carried out a demonstration of AVUS at Morrison Utility Services (the United Kingdom’s leading public service supplier) for a London-based project. AVUS displayed its effectiveness and accuracy in visualising underground networks, thereby enhancing safety prior to excavation operations. In addition, the system’s data collection capability is used to update the information held by clients.

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