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[2/25/2020] A 100% Eurovia consortium at work on A62 between Toulouse and Montauban

From April 2019 to October 2020, Eurovia’s Toulouse division (lead contractor), Eurovia’s Montauban division, and Signature’s “Méditerranée” division (the Toulouse Centre, a Eurovia subsidiary) are conducting maintenance works on the surface course of motorway A62 (which belongs to the Autoroutes du sud de la France [ASF] network operated by VINCI Autoroutes) between Toulouse and Montauban.

Motorway A62 crosses the region of Gascogne over a distance of 230 kilometres from Toulouse to Bordeaux and is, just like motorway A61, part of the “two seas motorway” network. On average on a daily basis, more than 72,000 vehicles use the section of A62 targeted by this project.

In accordance with a work schedule of 160 nights, at a pace of 4 nights a week, the binder course and surface course for a 68-kilometre segment of a dual 3-lane system will, respectively, be replaced and repaired. So as not to disrupt traffic even at night, works are carried out under contraflow. Four work phases are needed to achieve what is a major undertaking for all participating Eurovia entities.

In addition to being a technical feat, the motorway A62 project is an opportunity for the Eurovia Group to deploy innovative technology in conjunction with VINCI Autoroutes, which has made frequent use of Eurovia’s innovations across its network, including Power Road® and the 100% recycled-road solution. On this particular project, we saved natural resources by recycling as much as 40% of the existing surface course and 50% of the binder course. Also on this project, Signature tested an autonomous road-marking vehicle. Several experiments have led to the development of a self-directed road-marking vehicle whose technology, which was patented in July 2019, required more than a year of research. Pre-marking operations may be a major hazard for work teams due to the proximity of machinery in motion wherever works are conducted concurrently or the presence of vehicle traffic whenever work is carried out without road closures. The use of autonomous equipment makes pre-marking and marking operations safer as it eliminates the need for arduous manual operations. Euroliners, a subsidiary of Eurovia, is set to deploy up to 13 such machines in future.

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