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Lituanie : restauration de l’autoroute reliant l’ouest du pays à la Lettonie

[3/13/2020] Lithuania: restoring the motorway linking the country’s western region to Latvia

Team spirit is a key value at Eurovia, as shown by a recent project in Lithuania.

While teams from Eurovia Lietuva (Eurovia in Lithuania) conducted restorative works along an 8-kilometre span of motorway A13 – which connects Klaipėda to the border with Latvia – they received assistance from teams at Saldus ceļinieks (SC Grupa - Eurovia in Latvia).
This timely support allowed Eurovia to deliver this challenging month-long project on time. It’s worth noting that as much as 57% of the asphalt produced by the Klaipėda division in October 2019 went to this project. This is a shining example of synergy between our subsidiaries in the Baltic States that is sure to bear fruit again in 2020.

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