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Transformation du premier axe urbain de Marseille

[6/15/2020] France: transforming a major urban roadway in Marseille

Rocade du Jarret in Marseille in southern France is a major urban roadway that residents in the area know well. Accordingly, nearly 80,000 vehicles use this centrally located carriageway every day.

The roadway, which was built in the late 1960s, was no longer able to accommodate the volume of traffic, resulting in frequent traffic congestion and increased noise pollution for local residents.

In an effort to make quality-of-life improvements to this environment and reclaim urban spaces, a project was designed to transform Rocade du Jarret into an urban boulevard. Accordingly, the new roadway will feature a dual 2-lane configuration without a central reservation, thereby providing space for wide pavements for pedestrians as well as other spaces for leisurely strolls and a continuous bicycle path on either side of the roadway. In addition to these improvements, more plants have been added and urban furniture has been refurbished.

To ensure success on this project, Eurovia’s Marseille division was put in charge of all roadworks and upgrades to utility networks, achieving its transformation of this major carriageway in Marseille. Since the project site was located in a busy urban zone, works had to be conducted in such a way as to ensure constant access to shops and homes in the area.

After a year of intensive works, everything had to be stopped due to Coronavirus pandemy. In order to enable activites to restart, strict health safety rules have been established, such as the compulsory wearing of glasses, social distancing of at least one metre and wearing a mask if the last rule can not be completed. All employees of this project were able to return on the field on April 27th, in full compliance with these new rules. Works should be done by early July 2020.

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