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Pologne : Eurovia Polska participe à un projet d’installation d’un système de transport intelligent 2 (1)

[6/22/2020] Poland: Eurovia Polska takes part in a project to install a smart transport system

In Tychy in Silesia, cars rule! In fact, the city is a major automotive-manufacturing centre. By the end of next year, it will also be a leading centre for state-of-the-art traffic-control technology.

Eurovia Polska has been awarded the roadworks package for the city’s smart transport system project. The system was designed to monitor and manage road traffic and will cover 40 crossroads across the city, many of which have been completely rebuilt.

The streets will be equipped with monitoring stations (weather, pollution, and noise) as well as dynamic parking panels indicating available parking spaces.

Variable message signs will be installed so as to inform users of hazards and obstacles in real time.

In an effort to limit deterioration of the roadway network caused by heavyweight vehicles, a weighing function will also be built into the monitoring equipment – this function can be used without having to stop vehicles or even reduce their speed.

This smart transport system is also designed to optimise public transport as buses and trolleybuses will also be monitored continuously. In the event of delays, the traffic-monitoring system will be able to respond quickly by prioritising public transport vehicles at certain traffic lights.

Works should be completed in October 2021.

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