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Premier contrat dans un aéroport estonien pour Eurovia

[9/3/2020] Eurovia wins its first-ever contract for an airport project in Estonia

In July 2020, TREV-2 Grupp (Eurovia in Estonia) won a contract, in consortium with Welsco Project OÜ, to rebuild the air-traffic control centre at Pärnu Airport, a key gateway to the country’s leading summer holiday destination.

This is the first-ever contract of this type for TREV-2 Grupp, which can rely on the experience acquired by other Eurovia Group subsidiaries to achieve this project.

The project includes building a take-off runway of 1,970 by 30 metres and related infrastructure (including runway lighting, a weather-watch system, and maintenance and emergency service buildings).

These works, which will allow the runway to accommodate larger aircraft, will enable Pärnu Airport to provide flights to and from neighbouring countries.

The project is set to be completed in August 2021.

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