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Lithuania: works on one of the busiest railway sections in the country

[9/16/2020] Lithuania: works on one of the busiest railway sections in the country

A consortium consisting of Eurovia Lietuva, Eurovia CS, and Ltd GTC is at work on a key segment of the rail line that connects the seaport of Klaipėda to Belarus via the city of Vilnius.

The project calls for rebuilding a rail line and installing temporary tracks, which will later be removed and replaced by a roadway. The segment in question—which runs between Livintai and Gaižiūnai—is located in a wooded marshland; as a result, technical solutions have been implemented, including drainage and construction of temporary culverts. The temporary rail line will enable safe rail traffic and allow work teams to carry out complex earthworks.

In addition to the rail lines, work teams have to rebuild bridges, existing culverts, and a level crossing. The contract also includes installation of noise-attenuation barriers, fences, drainage and stormwater-catchment systems, electrical systems, and road signs and communication systems as well as deconstruction of the train station in Livintai.

Construction of the temporary rail line is currently being completed, and transfer of rail traffic onto this line is set for September 15.

This new twin rail section will improve the network’s operating capacity and enhance soil stability.

As this is one of the busiest railway sections in Lithuania—and used for both passenger and freight traffic—rail traffic must occasionally be interrupted for brief periods, which complicates the task of managing the project.

The project end date is set for year-end 2022.

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