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Pologne : reconstruction d’un important point de passage entre l’Union européenne et l’Ukraine

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Poland: rebuilding a key crossing point between the European Union and Ukraine

Eurovia Polska will rebuild a 7-kilometre segment of national route number 28 located between Przemyśl and Medyka. This carriageway is a strategic transport route since it is a key crossing point between the European Union and Ukraine. The border post at Medyka-Szeginie is the only pedestrian border crossing between Ukraine and southeast Poland.
Estonie : réduction du temps de parcours entre les 2 plus grandes villes du pays

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Estonia: reduction in travel time between the country’s two largest cities

In August 2020, Eurovia delivered a 23-kilometre section of the brand new motorway connecting Estonia’s two largest cities—Tallinn, the capital, and Tartu, in the southeastern part of the country. This particular section located between Kose and Võõbu reduce the distance between the two large urban by 3.5 kilometres to 181 kilometres. In addition, the speed limit on this segment was raised to 120 kilometres per hour (as against 110 previously), thereby reducing average travel time between Tallinn and Tartu by 9 minutes.


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