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Innovation at Eurovia

Eurovia invests significantly in research and development, and holds 120 patents in road and rail.

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The company has set up an international research centre that works as part of a network with 25 laboratories throughout the world, employing around 30 researchers and 650 engineers and technicians. Each year, approximately 20 R&D projects are launched.

The Road of the Future

The Road of the Future, also known as the fifth-generation road, is a key area of research, which has translated into the development of new features.


Such as Power Road®, the positive-energy road, and Smartvia®, which collects and processes data in real time concerning the performance and state of road and rail infrastructure by embedding digital sensors.

A quick-to-implement collaborative approach

Each year, approximately 20 R&D projects are launched, usually in collaboration with elite schools, universities, institutions, businesses and start-ups.

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The research centre and technical network are integrated from world level down to the local offices. This structure reduces the time it takes to move from the idea stage to trials then wide-scale industrialisation and also makes it easier to circulate innovations.

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